Hay's Galleria

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/hays-galleria/
P: 020 7407 4301
E: haysgal@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: Unit 22, Hays Galleria, Tooley Street, SE1 2HD

Hay's Galleria has many unique features that make it one of London’s most memorable venues. A pétanque pitch, an outdoor terrace and a maze of bars and private dining rooms

Bury Court

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/bury-court/
P: 020 7929 6660
E: bury.court@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: 38 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8EX

Part of London’s heritage, born during a time of growth and change. Bury Court is part of the historic Baltic Exchange offering the finest food, drink and range of masterclasses.

Austin Friars

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/austin-friars/
P: 020 7496 9900
E: austinfriars@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: 10-11 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HG

Nestled in the heart of Austin Friars Square is one of our newest Balls Brothers of London, we introduce a new range of food, drink and masterclass experiences

Adam's Court

W: https://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/adams-court/
P: 020 7628 0808
E: adams.court@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: 6 Adams Court, Old Broad Street, EC2N 1DX

We have now opened our doors at the new Adam's Court and look forward to welcoming you soon. Join us for a wealth of fine food, fine wine and our famous masterclasses experiences. Adam's Court is nestled in a bustling courtyard just yards from Bank Station. Spread across 3 floors, including our ground floor bar, The Copper Bar and the Top Floor – our new venue boasts a host of experiences for you to enjoy.

Shoe Lane

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/shoe-lane/
P: 0207 583 8602
E: info@novusleisure.com
A: Athene Place, Shoe Lane,EC4A 3BQ

Stylish open kitchen & bar offers a fantastic lunch and evening destination.
Enjoy gin, wine and whisky experiences in the spirit kitchen areas - perfect for corporate functions.

Minster Court

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/minster-court/
P: 020 7283 2838
E: minster.exchange@novusleisure.com
A: Minster Court, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7PP

Head downstairs for conference facilities that can accommodate up to 400 guests – ideal for any upcoming event.

Mayfair Exchange

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/mayfair/
P: 020 7499 4567
E: Mayfair@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: 34 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1K 5DN

Nestled between bustling Oxford Street and the luxury shops of Mayfair and Bond Street with a view of Claridge’s from the door, Mayfair Exchange is a West End oasis.

Mark Lane

W: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/mark-lane/
P: 020 7623 2923
E: marklane@ballsbrothers.co.uk
A: Mark Lane, EC3R 7BB

With its traditional atmosphere and friendly service, it’s a perfect place to escape for a meeting or for a catch-up with friends or colleagues